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Top 10 Horror by @ATinyAdventure

James Wall is an indie filmmaker and runs 'A Tiny Adventure', most known for his short film 'Fish Food' and cult-comedy Internet series 'Bromance'. We welcome him into the Disturbed Kids treehouse of Horrors to talk to us about his fave Horror movies.

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I'm not the biggest horror fan anymore, as a teenager I loved watching horrors ( like most do ). Now I'm more selective with my choice of viewing, can't say I've seen that many great ones recently. Western horrors seem to throw buckets of fake blood everywhere for shock value and that doesn't do it for me. Ringu and The Grudge were scary as hell, but I've decided to go down memory lane and pick out the films that made me a 'Disturbed Kid.'

1. The Omen

I first watched The Omen when I was far too young. The music alone scared the shit out of me. It taunted me for years. All you had to do was hum it and I'd go nuts with terror. Even now it runs chills down my spine.

2. The Exorcist

Again, I watched this at a young age. I don't think I need to say why it's in my list. It's truly class film making and even the visual effects look good today.

3. Dawn Of The Dead (Original)

I love zombie films! And this is the definitive zombie film for me. It has a feel good vibe when all the characters are getting along in the mall and then everything goes to shit. And, it's not even the zombies, just the greed of humanity.

4. Ghostbusters

I know what you're thinking, but that opening scene in the library scared me to death as a kid. Still one of my favourite films, I mean it's just brilliant all round.

5. Terminator

JW: Probably more sci-fi/action than horror, but it was scary watching as a youngster. Some parts still have me on the edge of my seat now. Then Cameron ruined it all with T2.

DK: I'd say the original 'Terminator' is as much Horror as it is science-fiction. At its core it's a slasher movie and there's a real feeling of threat that's not really present in the sequel, which is more of an action flick.

6. The Gremlins

It's not just the best Christmas film of all time, but it also scared me as a little one. Superb film, I think a lot of people look back and think it's a family fun film, but let a child watch it and they'll shit their pants.

7. Lost Boys

I don't think I need to write anything. It's cult in every way, it's awesome in every way! Every time I watch it I just wanna be a teen again and kill some vampires!

8. From Dusk Till Dawn

It's an absolute thrill ride to watch. It blew my mind when I first watched it and it never gets old. It's cool as fuck! The cast is ace, I want a cock gun.

9. Blair Witch Project

This film freaked me out. Such a brilliant and original idea, so many have tried the 'found footage' style and I don't think any have succeeded as well. I first saw it in my early teens and it really messed with my head.

10. Scream

JW: I think this is Wes Craven's best, well everything else is a bit shit by him. I thought Scream was proper cool as a kid and teen. It's my favourite in the slasher genre and it has a good twist. It somehow took a genre that was over done, which already had many memorable cult characters and did something new.

DK: I think Craven's best work (and most underrated) is 'The People Under The Stairs'. A lot of his early work was quite groundbreaking in horror; 'Last House on the Left' and the original 'Nightmare on Elm Street' spring to mind. 'Scream' seems to have been tainted over the years by poor sequels and copycat movies, but the original was fresh and cool at the time.

Thanks to James for having a chat with us!

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