Friday, 8 April 2011

Silent House (Original)

In a Nutshell: Laura and her Father spend the night in a house that they are helping to restore so it can be sold. While her father sleeps Laura hears a sound upstairs.

There’s been a lot of talk about Silent House at film festivals, it was made in Uruguay for an estimated $6,000 using a HD handheld camera and apparently all done in one take (many have stated not possible with the camera used). It also infamously made hardened film critics squirm at press showings.

Silent House starts quite slowly, setting everything up and crafting a creepy atmosphere. It is low-budget, yet technically it’s quite accomplished; with long tracking shots and well-orchestrated scenes, although it is flawed it does well with its limitations. At times it does feel a little bit set-up, but even then it still manages to scare.

It’s a fine example of creating tension, it is one of the most intense Horror films I’ve seen in a long time and in my opinion the scariest film since Ringu. It’s only let down by an iffy conclusion, that will probably leave its audience divided. As we’ve come to expect with modern Horror in the West, this will (unnecessarily) get an American remake the year after its release.


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