Saturday, 12 March 2011


When the pleas of an abused woman are ignored, things turn nasty on a Korean Island.

Bedevilled is a South Korean Drama come Slasher Horror film...that sentence alone should be enough to grab your attention! This is one of the most emotionally and often visually bleak films that I have ever seen and I've watched a lot of dark and extreme cinema. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone; it's a slow burning film that gradually gets under your skin, the subject matter is very disturbing and it doesn't pull any punches. I can guarantee Hollywood won't be attempting to remake this one, and if they do I highly doubt they'll keep much of what makes it so brutal and disturbed. A strong and open-mind is needed to experience this film.

Talking about the films plot will spoil the experience and impact of the film, so I will keep details to a bare minimum (avoid IMDB until you've seen it too, there's spoilers in the films synopsis). Yeong-hie Seo who plays the abused Bok-Nam is absolutely phenomenal, perhaps the best performance I saw from an actress in 2011 (UK release)! The cinematography is beautiful, the story original, and the tone of the film is unsettling and realistic. Anyone looking for an all out Horror flick should look somewhere else, the drama comes first here. And the drama is solid, emotional and truly heart wrenching! When the shit hits the fan be ready for some intense, extreme and disturbing brutality! It's hard to 'recommend' it, it might be too much for some people. It's not something you 'enjoy' as such. But, I did like it very much so!


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