Thursday, 23 February 2012

Top 20 'High Body-Count' Movies

Excludes films not in the Horror/Splatter/Cult genres and films that don't show the carnage or have low gore levels.

Lord Of The Rings: ROTK features the most onscreen kills in cinema history with 836 kills. Although the gore is tame in comparison to these...

(Not an extensive list)

1. Grindhouse (Double Feature) Kill Count: 310 Gore Level: High
2. Hard Boiled Kill Count: 307 Gore Level: High
3. Starship Troopers: Kill Count: 256 Gore Level: High
4. Rambo 4 Kill Count: 247 Gore Level: Extreme
5. Dawn of the Dead (original) Kill Count: 175 Gore Level: High
6. Lone Wolf & Cub: White Heaven... Kill Count: 169 Gore Level: Extreme
7. Ninja Assassin Kill Count: 155 Gore Level: High
8. Zombieland Kill Count: 139 Gore Level: Medium-High
9. Versus Kill Count: 127 Gore Level: High
10. Natural Born Killers Kill Count: approx 123 Gore Level: High
11. From Dusk Till Dawn Kill Count: 122 Gore Level: High
12. Akira Kill Count: 119 Gore Level: High
13. Army Of Darkness Kill Count: 107 Gore Level: Medium
14. Shogun Assassin Kill Count: approx 102 Gore Level: Extreme
15. Izo Kill Count: approx triple figures Gore Level: High
16. 13 Assassins Kill Count: approx 100+ Gore Level: Medium-High
17. Punisher: War Zone Kill Count: 97 Gore Level: Extreme
18. Kill Bill vol 1 Kill Count: 95 Gore Level: Extreme
19. Total Recall Kill Count: 77 Gore Level: High
20. Predator Kill Count: 64 Gore Level: Medium-High

Honourable Mention: Braindead Kill Count: 39 Gore Level: Extreme included based on finale

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