Wednesday, 5 August 2009

House of the Devil

In a Nutshell: A college student takes on a strange babysitting job.

Ti West plays homage to 70/80’s horror and captures that style PERFECTLY! House of the Devil is a slow burning, tension building chiller in the classic sense.

There was a time when horror took its time to weave its tale of terror and get under your skin, and fear and atmosphere ALWAYS came before blood and guts! HOTD is a pitch perfect tribute to those days, from the aesthetics to the delivery, everything is spot on! It’s so good that I think if I’d have put it on without knowing it was a recent film, I would have thought it was some long lost treasure from Horrors glory days!

It puts recent nostalgia trips ‘Death Proof’, ‘Planet Terror’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ to shame in terms of capturing the feel of retro horror (don't get me wrong though I do like those movies!) It’s ironic that in a genre dominated by shock-splatter such a familiar film is now fresh again. I think Ti West has made one of the best Horror flicks of recent years with a lot of passion and I look forward to his future projects.


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