Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Top 10 Zombie Movies

C = Comedy-Horror
G = Extra Gory
S = Genuinely Scary

FX = Awesome Special Effects

1. Dawn of the Dead (original) G
2. 28 Days later
3. Shaun of the Dead C
4. Return of the Living Dead C
5. Zombieland C
6. [REC] S
7. Night of the Living Dead (90's Savini remake) FX
8. La Horde G
9. Braindead/Dead Alive CG
10. Dawn of the Dead (remake)

Special mentions: Night of the Living Dead (original), Dead Snow, Planet Terror and The Crazies (original).

Best Death Scene

Day of the Dead

Although not listed on the overall top 10, it's got the best death scene!

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